Fortune telling game – An Introduction

Fortune telling is about predicting the future of one’s life. It has been in practice from very olden days. The belief in fortune telling differs among individuals. Some people are a thorough believer of fortune telling while some may not. The belief is mostly based on their culture background and religion. Nowadays these practices are developed as games for fun.

Various forms of fortune telling games

Fortune telling games differ greatly among the techniques used in them. Usually fortune telling is done using variety of traits such as crystal balls, traces in the palm, cards, stars, movement of celestial bodies etc. There are many varieties of fortune telling games available online. Each of these games adopts one of these techniques to predict the fortune. The result of the fortune telling games may vary among business improvements, personal affairs, marriage, and education.

Fortune telling game – An Introduction

Some games make use of cards, where it will ask you to pick a card from the given lot. When picked, it guesses the correct card which has been chosen. The game amazes everyone and makes us think on its functioning.  There are crystal ball games available where we need to post one or group of queries. After which, the crystal ball responds with the answers when we click it. The result is purely based on luck and coincidence.

Some of the games take shapes and numbers into consideration. The Fortune Teller Game is told based on the shapes and numbers we select from the given data. In other group of fortune telling games the place and date of birth is provided. The game’s result is to show the astrological sign and also the fortune of the person.

Origami fortune teller game

Children are also interested in these kinds of fortune telling. They can make their own fortune telling game with paper. It is also known as Origami Fortune telling. There are a series of steps to make a paper fortune teller the result of which will be a four cup shaped structure. The four cups are colored and each cup has two flaps attached to it. Instead of coloring, the cups may be decorated using a specific theme or designed attractively. The flaps are numbered and inside each of the flaps a fortune will be written. The cups are held by one’s fingers and it closed and opened to reveal the flaps. The player has to first select a cup using the color and then a number. This selection can be up to any number of steps based on one’s own idea. The fortune inside it will be finally revealed based on our choice. This paper fortune teller is available in online games as well.

The result of these games is not purely real. The predicted result may or may not happen in future. One should play these games for excitement and relaxation. The fortunes should not be taken seriously.